Saturday, October 30, 2010

Babbling Sports Media

The San Diego Union Tribune used to have really good sports writers. Now we have articles by Nick Canepa that start like this,

A large part of this Pacific atoll, covered in thick, mysterious jungle, was previously uninhabited, unchartered territory thought preposterous during a time of technological advancement. It’s like a football remake of “Gilligan’s Island,” with Norv playing the skipper.

The reference to “Norv” suggests that it is probably about the San Diego Chargers, but what in the hell is he babbling about? He continues,

History of the dark region tells us that, until the Chargers came along, most NFLians were capable of crawling out of the swamp. Eventually, they managed to place one foot before the other and surprised themselves by finding their rear ends with both hands.

Yep, it seems to be about the Chargers, but… What? Where? Huh?

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