Monday, October 04, 2010

Kicking It Around

Can anyone hold any doubt about The Crimson Tide any more?

I think that Les Miles might want to have an armed bodyguard whenever he walks around the LSU campus for a while. The nonsensical business of alternating quarterbacks is bad enough, but that jackassery in the last 30 seconds would make setting him on fire a case of justifiable homicide.

And we won’t even talk about the Kansas Chickenhawks Jayhawks.

Donovan McNabb was given a warm, indeed thuderous ovation when he was introduced at the Eagles’ home field. Moments later, when he lined up to run his first play from scrimmage as a Redskin, a loud chorous of boos erupted. That is Philadelphia in a nutshell. You have to love that city.

Jay Cutler failed to emerge from the locker room after the halftime break. So, concussion? Or just, "Oh, hell no. I'm not going back out there."

I’m all in favor of recognizing dread diseases, but not necessarily on football uniforms. And in many cases that wasn’t pink anyway; that was… Good God. As one announcer pointed out, when you are wearing flourescent pink gloves, how can the ref not call you for holding?

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Bartender Cabbie said...

I did not see the LSU game but have heard a good deal about it from Tiger fans. They are after Miles' head even though he is 4-0. Of course that won't last long...

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