Friday, October 29, 2010

Chargers Receivers

Everyone is all amped up because Vincent Jackson has finally signed with the Chargers. He will sit out three games and then be eligible to play. Hmmm. Three games? I understood he had to sit three games for being on the unsigned list, so what happened to the three game suspension for the drunk driving bit? If the NFL is doing a "concurrent sentence" thing, then effectively they are letting him off on drunk driving.

So hitting one person on the football field and giving them a concussion is worthy of a suspension, but driving drunk multiple times and possibly killing people calls, effectively, for a free pass. This is one hell of a league.

Update: He served the three game suspension while he was unsigned. He had no contract, was not playing in the NFL, and was suspended by the NFL at the same time. That, folks, is "hypocrisy" writ large. It is wrong on the part of the NFL to pronounce the suspension and then not enforce it, and it is wrong on the part of the Chargers organization to be complicit in it. The Chargers have never had anything to say about this player other than that he is a "fine player" and that "we will let the law take its course." The organization has no more moral character than its players do.

Can drunk drivers and playboys win the Superbowl?

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