Friday, October 08, 2010

Olbermann Is Still An Idiot

Keith Olbermann is still in high dudgeon about the house that burned down; last night airing an interview with the homeowner's adult son. Of course, the son was seated in front of the father's burned out house, and he was no more coherent than his father had been. He kept babbling about "having a checkbook in hand" and "whatever amount it took, five thousand, ten thousand, whatever." As a point of information, the South Fulton Fire Department has apparently heard that before, according to reports from real news sources, and their experience is that the promise gets forgotten when the bill arrives in the mail.

Olbermann is fond of cute little slogans with which to title his hobby horses, and he has titled this one "Pay To Spray." He evidently has never seen a fire put out, because they most certainly do not "spray" it.

Olbermann also provided a clip of "the fire chief of Hornby TN, whose policy is not 'Pay To Spray,' defending the South Fulton policy." Actually what was shown was the Cranick son asking snide questions as a reporter and the Hornby fire chief not being given an opportunity to answer.

South Fulton does not have a "Pay To Spray" policy, and Olbermann's claim that it does is a lie. It puts out all fires in the area it serves, which is the City of South Fulton. It has no obligation to the county or to county residents. Since the county is without fire protection, by its own choice, South Fulton offered to protect individuals within the county for an annual fee. Some chose to accept the offer, some did not.

At the beginning of the segment Olbermann reported that there was a fire in Weekly county and the South Fulton fire department assisted because they have a mutual assistance agreement. He went on, "the system worked then, it certainly didn't work..." and went into his rant about the Cranick home burning down. Once again true statement and omission adding up to a lie. South Fulton cannot "assist the Obion County fire department" because Obion County has no fire department, and it has none because the voters of that county chose not to have one.

Cranick's house burned down because he was offered fire protection and declined it either on purpose or by error. In neither case is that the fault of the fire department.

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