Friday, November 23, 2012

This Day In History

I was reminded yesterday that, in addition to being Thanksgiving, it was also the anniversary of the death of one C.S. Lewis, an author whom I treasured deeply in my youth. I read and reread his “Space Trilogy” and, of even greater value, the “Narnia Chronicles,” which I read so many times I had it all but memorized. My parents were more enamored of the "Screwtape Letters" than I was.

When the first “Narnia” movie was made I was reluctant to see it. I had such fond memories of the books, and of the mental images I had formed reading them as a kid, that I was not sure I wanted to see how a commercial screenwriter would interpret the story. I finally did go to the movie, and it did Lewis justice. I’ve seen it several times.

Oh yes, it was also the anniversary of the JFK assassination.

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