Friday, November 30, 2012

Bashing Romney

Bad mouthing Romney is still very popular, even several weeks after the election is over. At one liberal blog I read I started noticing the number of comments evoked by the guy's posts. When the subject is labor relations he gets 17 comments; women's rights gets 24; the Egyptian crisis gets 14 comments. Whenever he writes a post critical of Mitt Romney, including yesterday, the post shows anywhere form 70 to 90 comments. I don't bother to read those comments.


  1. I glance through quite a few "liberal" blogs but the ones I tend to check out must be way way out in left field. Forget Romney, some of those folk believe that the current president is a right wing fanatic.

  2. bruce3:26 PM

    There was a web article recently (I think it was Slate) that said Obama was basically a centrist Republican. He certainly has not pushed a typically 'liberal' agenda in his first term. Maybe he'll do more of that in his 2nd. Of course, he got the House changed from Dem to Rub majority in the 2nd half.. who knows what will happen to the second term 2nd half. Maybe a popular war will break out or something...