Monday, November 26, 2012

A Perfect Reply

Our local paper is pretty much a right wing rag, mostly fit only for reading criticism of the Chargers and wrapping garbage in. It does, however produce a heartwarming column once in a while, such as today's column "Sports Dad" by Scott Kaplan.

A volunteer coach writes in about a problem kid on his team, describes the problems the kid is having at home, and asks for advice. Kaplan tells him, "This is exactly what you signed up for," and that he should, "Forget the parents, and forget the kid’s home life. Spend some time with the kid."

He goes on, "That kid will have a great experience playing for you if he feels safe, and not only might you get him to become a better player, but you might make a strong impact on his life, which sounds a bit unstable."

Read the whole thing. I wish we had more people like Scott Kaplan influencing our kids and the people who coach them.

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  1. He gave good advice... short and to the point, too.