Sunday, November 04, 2012

Election Nears

For some reason, the closer we get to election day the more vigorously Obama supporters try to persuade left-leaning voters that they don't need to bother to vote, because Obama has a huge lead in the polls and will win the election with the votes that he already has. If you are planning to go vote for Obama, don't bother, because according to his fans and members of his political tribe, he has already won. I'm not sure what their thinking is, but...

I haven't been planning to vote for him since he began his reelection campaign on Jan 21, 2009. Since I live and vote in California my vote is irrelevant, but I'm voting for Rocky Anderson.


  1. Bruce8:57 AM

    They're trying to get the leaners to jump on the bandwagon, which Pres Clinton is leading. Oops sorry, former pres Clinton. Obama is basking in his reflected glory, maybe trying to bring back the glory days. Gimmee a break. Not sure Clinton was all that great, but whatever, that was then and this is now. Obama has not convinced me for another 4 years.

    I won't vote for him, no matter who else I vote for. I know my presidential vote is irrelevant in California, but I won't give him any more... And ther a re a lot of other things to go to the polls for, not just the president. See you Tuesday!

  2. bruce3:16 PM

    I don't think Rocky in on the California ballot. He wasn't on mine. Are you going to write him in?