Monday, November 12, 2012

One Bad Play

Again yesterday Philip Rivers is at the podium babbling about “one bad play” as if that phrase meant something.

For one thing, maybe he should consider not making that “one bad play.” At least not doing so in every game he plays in. How many quarterbacks in the NFL make one horrendously bad play in every game they play in? Right.

But even if you accept the premise of a flawless game other than the “one bad play,” he is spouting nonsense. The Chargers scored three touchdowns in the first half and zero in the second half. The difference between three touchdowns and zero touchdowns is not “one bad play.” Had they played at a three touchdown level in the second half that “one bad play” would have cost them one touchdown and they would have won by four points rather than losing by ten.

Why ever they are losing, it is not because of “one bad play.”

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