Sunday, November 04, 2012

Coaching and Blundering

Rocky Long had said before the game that, “If we don’t play our very best it might get embarrassing.” It did not get embarrassing. The SDSU Aztecs win over Boise State was no fluke, they simply outplayed the Broncos for sixty minutes. The thing about having a head a coach who says things like that is that when he says you can do something you believe him, and you go out and do it.

At the opposite of that coaching scale was the game in “Death Valley” at Baton Rouge where the players played well enough to win the game but were betrayed by a coach who is dumber than a bag of hammers. The fake field goal, and going for it on fourth down can be passed off as “aggressive play calling,” but to call for a prevent defense when leading by three points and when you have held your opponent to one completed pass in nine attempts is idiocy of staggering and gargantuan proportions.

The Board of LSU should not wait until Monday to fire Les Miles, they should call a special meeting and do it today. Better yet, put out a contract on the bastard. The players should take him out in a back alley and beat him to a bloody pulp, and then throw him in the nearest bayou for the alligators. The student body should be out with torches and pitchforks, looking to tar and feather the idiot.


  1. bruce1:28 PM

    You don;t pull any punches with your opinions, do you?

    Oh and the USC vs Oregon game was a basketball score. Lot's of offense on both side and hardly any defense. Make that non existant on USC's side, thus they lost.

  2. Yes,well, the Pac 10, 12, 20, whatever, is pretty much a farce all around.

  3. The Aztecs have improved a great deal as the season goes on. I agree wholeheartedly that the PAC whatever is a bit of a joke. Oregon fans are honking loud but what I see is Texas Tech when Leach coached and Houston under various coaches going back to the 80's.

  4. In addition Miles lost the game for the Tigers. Not the players on the field of play. I am wondering how the Aggies fare this weekend agains the Tide. Some are predicting an upset. I don't know if I would go that far, but believe that on a day that the Tide does not have their A game they are beatable by someone. Not sure who at this point though.