Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Doom! (?)

The doom sayers need to suck it up. I have said this before; this nation is one whole hell of a lot stronger than they seem to think it is. It survived eight years of Bush, it has already survived four years of Obama and it will certainly survive four more years of Obama. It would have survived Romney if it came to that. We’ve lasted 236 years and you think one silly ass in the White House is going to bring us down? Get real.

Californians approved additional taxes; that was a bit of a surprise. We rejected repeal of the death penalty, which was another surprise. I think adding the work rule and the $130 million spending requirement doomed that one. The writers of that proposition got a bit too clever.

San Diego voters approved a $2.88 billion school bond which the school district does not even pretend is for capital spending; the bill clearly says it is for maintenance issues. How stupid is that?

Every one of the incumbents was reelected for federal office, of course. Congress has an approval rating of 9% but its members are reelected at a 100% rate in San Diego County. And we wonder why democracy is failing.

I see that Michelle Bachmann was reelected, so I'll be able to keep harassing my niece in Minnesota. I'm sure she's thrilled. Alan Grayson is back, so we'll be subjected to another two years of his loud mouthed jackassery, which the left will adoringly label as "highly intelligent attack politics."


  1. Yes the country will survive but at the end of the next four we may not recognize it. Wait. I don't recognize it now.

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