Monday, July 23, 2012

Reductio Ad Absurdio

It seems sportswriters are now reduced to writing about Danica Patrick in terms of what book she is reading. I guess that's as good a topic as any, given where she finished this past weekend. She was running in 17th place and finished 14th because three cars ahead of her wrecked just before the end of the race.

Several things occurred to me as I was reading that piece. One is that I've read a lot of books and I really can't tell you how many pages any of them had. That's just not one of the ways I evaluate a book. The other is that I've never commented to a friend regarding a book how happy I was that I knew what all the words meant. It occurs to me that we are, perhaps, not dealing with a towering intellect here.


Mad Mikie said...

They sure can't write about her performance that's for sure. Her rookie teammate is consistently finishing ahead of her and even Johanna Long, in an underfunded car, seems to do better than NASCAR's celebrity spokesmodel when she can find the funding to race.

My guess is the firecracker that was supposed to bring NASCAR back with a bang has done nothing but fizzled.

Anonymous said...

All the media hype is coming back to bite them. Danica is not living up to expectations performance-wise or in bringing new fans to NASCAR as race attendance continues declining and TV ratings keep dwindling. These NASCAR-related publications and media outlets want to keep us updated on all of Danica's personal activities like we are supposed to care.

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