Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Activity

stock carsNo posts over the weekend (not that I think you care) because I was up north at Perris Speedway watching stock car races on the high banked, half mile dirt track. Ate the biggest freaking hot dog I've ever seen, and will probably be hard of hearing for a week. Not from the hot dog; those race cars don't have mufflers.

In the Street Stock class #15 was near the front when he got spun out and sent to the back. He was on a mission after that and was picking off positions every lap. With one lap to go he was third. In the last turn 1st went high in the turn, 2nd went low, #15 when through the middle and took the win. Hot damn.

The major league may have gotten boring, but the local short tracks still have fun. Good racing and lots of nice people. Worth the trip. If I was up to it I'd do it a lot more often.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

I enjoy going to the local dirt track once in a while. have only been to one NASCAR race in my life and thought it crowded and boring. Been to a couple of "Gran Prix" races when the IRL (I think) came to Houston.

When the major league gets boring (as you say) it is fun to watch the alternative. That is probably why I prefer Arena ball over the NFL. It was a sad day when the Houston team folded.

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