Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Channeling FDR?

It is being suggested that Obama is showing how “tough” he is by attacking not only Romney but the wealthy as a class. It’s even been alleged that he is channeling FDR’s “I welcome their hatred” thing, which is stretching imagination pretty far.

Even if all of this is the case, and it sounds pretty weak to me, the problem with it is that he’s not really offering anything as an offset for his “anti-other” rhetoric. FDR ranted against the wealthy bankers and offered the “New Deal” programs to help the middle class. Obama is ranting against “the rich” but is offering nothing for the middle class but tax cuts which they already have and which the Republicans are also vowing to renew.

Would FDR have won without having the “New Deal” to offer? Would nothing more than “I welcome their hatred” have carried him to the White House? On a similar note is the idea that he has nothing much to offer the middle class but is going to “sock it to” the rich be enough to get Barack Obama reelected? I guess we’ll find out.

What Obama has going for him is that Romney has pretty much nothing for anybody and is not even going to penalize the rich, so…

I think this is going to be an election where it is not a case of electing the lesser of two evils, but rather where we elect the least inept campaigner.

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bruce said...

Obama will probably win on a "hate the rich" platform. He's got nothing else to offer, and he doesn't have the excitement that he had in 2008. Too bad we don't generate more and better choices.

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