Thursday, July 12, 2012

When To Spike The Ball

Nate Silver issued a forecast which showed Obama winning the election in November, which is still some five months away. Nothing is going to happen between now and then which might change the game, of course, so Obama supporters are cheering wildly and running victory laps in ecstasy.

I suggested on one blog that the conversation reminded me of a San Diego Chargers running back who was so elated over scoring a touchdown that he spiked the ball at the five yard line, where it was recovered by the opposing team, and pointed out just a couple of the many things that might happen that would cause Nate Silver to change his tune. "Cross the goal line, people," I advised, "before you start the victory dance."

The next post but one was "Comments for this thread have been closed." Yikes, I guess I really spoiled the party. Reality sucks.

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  1. bruce8:56 PM

    but you enjoyed that, didn't you?