Sunday, July 29, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well not really. I watched something at Indianapolis Motor Speedway; something that involved cars going fast, but which was not a race. I wanted to see, for one thing, how Danica Patrick would do when she returned to her "home track." She did not let me down; started 20th, advanced rearward to 24th, and was running 20th when she ran into the car in front of her and wrecked. Interviewed afterward she was "disappointed," but was "not sure what happened." Um, lady, you ran into the car in front of you. This is my chance to say a lot of snarky things about women drivers, but I have a wife, sister and adult nieces, so I'm going to skip that.

I watched the Olympics for a bit, incliding ping pong. They call it table tennis, but it looks like ping pong to me, and it's in the Olympics. Next thing I know they will be adding crapshooting and maybe Old Maid. It was actually kind of fun to watch, but as an Olympic sport?

Then I watched some fencing, which I've never watched before. Yikes, those people are fast! Anybody comes at me with one of those pig stickers, I'm going to assume they know how to use it and I'm going to run.

Women's basketball was up next, USA vs. Slovakia, and when the score was 6-0 after ten minutes I decided I had better things to do, like sweep the pine needles off of the porch. Better than soccor, though, where they score once every eight days.


bruce said...

A race car driver is not a stret driver, so, please go ahead make snark comments. Your readers expect it from you, especially when it comes to Ms. Patrick.

Olympics have been good so far, and yeah some of the sports don't make sense. Byut, they do make changes from time to time. And there was fisticuffs in the USA vs Columbia game, so you get extra...

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

I think you might be confusing the scoring of soccer with that of Cricket.

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