Thursday, July 26, 2012

NASCAR At The Brickyard

Because the Sprint Cup cars on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are not boring enough, NASCAR decided to bring the Nationwide series there on Saturday as well, which will be the first time ever for that series on that track. Just to enhance the festivities even further, I noticed this little tidbit in a news release today,

During the Nationwide Series pre-race show, ABC journalist Katie Couric will interview Danica Patrick in a pre-produced feature as the centerpiece of the program.

I am near as dammit speechless. If there is anyone as witless as Danica Patrick, it would probably be Katie Couric, who had a failed evening news gig, was widely applauded for the astonishing feat of embarrassing Sarah Palin, and has never in her entire life been within twenty miles of a motor car race. So of course we want her to interview a driver who has precisely one finish in the top ten this year and has achieved a dazzling average finishing position of 20th; an interview which will be the centerpiece of the pre-race show.

I sincerely hope that she asks Danica what she reads.

Update, Thursday, 1:00pm: And then I come across this in a recent interview in the Indianapolis Star,

Q: Are you at the track more as a NASCAR driver?

Patrick: "No, actually I'm not (laughing). In fact, I am there a lot less. Sometimes I fly in the day of (the race), like I did in Daytona. I didn't have to be at the track until 2:30, and I flew in that morning. And I don't have to be (at the track) the day before like I did in IndyCar."

So, not only does Danica not participate in setting up and preparing her car prior to the race, but, unlike drivers with twenty times her experience and vastly superior records of success in actual races, she does not feel the need to practice. That explains a lot.


Mad Mikie said...

The only piece Couric has done successfully was a cameo appearance in one of the Austin Powers movies as a prison guard. Couric is not credible or believable as a journalist and it seems to me that this will be a fluff piece to help further promote the sinking branding of both Patrick and NASCAR.

bruce said...

you forgot the sinking brand of Katie Couric.

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