Saturday, July 14, 2012

Protecting The Vote

My father was born in Texas, but he always pointed out it was in the border town of Texarkana and tried to imply that he was born on the Arkansas side. Sadly, when pressed, he would have to admit the truth. He was not a big fan of Texas. He nonetheless had two children born there, me not being one of them. The military doesn't always provide choices.

Texas is now passing a law requiring a picture ID in order to vote, apparently because of the terrible scourge of voter fraud it has experienced continuously for the past ten years, including voting being done by corpses and such. It seems they have discovered no fewer than 62 cases in the past ten years, during which some 39 million votes have been cast.

I decided to see what percentage of votes were fraudulent, but my calculator sort of freaked out. It could not handle a number that small, apparently and printed 1.589743589e-6. That means, I believe, that you are supposed to put six zeroes in front of the decimal, so let’s just say the percentage is somewhat less than overwhelming.

I think Texas is now considering a law to prevent Martians from voting.


Bartender Cabbie said...

There probably is very little voter fraud in the Republic or, for that matter, anywhere else. Still having some sort of photo ID does not seem unreasonable.

Having been a "Texan" for about 20 years, I still find it hard to identify myself as one. I am a Southeastern Conference man. I know the silly Aggies are now in the SEC but Texas, with the exception of a small sliver of the Eastern portion; is not the south.

Anonymous said...

But everyone pretty much acknowledges that the law is to prevent Democrats from voting. They apparently have a habit of being poor an disenfranchised...

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