Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Changing the Subject

President Obama is, according to CBS News last night, trying to “talk about something more favorable for him than jobs.” Indeed; when you are losing the argument, change the subject.

Obama says that we should raise the tax rates for “the rich” back to the rates that existed when “Bill Clinton was in office and they were doing very well.” He does not explain why we should not raise the rates for the middle class back to that same era, when the middle class were also “doing very well” and were spending money like it was water from a bottomless well. It wasn’t until Bush was in office that the great debt explosion began.

I love politicians who keep talking about what they want to talk about, about things that will make them look good, instead of what people care about. The real problem is not about the tax rates being paid by people who have jobs, it’s about the zero tax rate being paid by people who are jobless, and the big problem which needs to be addressed is jobs. But talking about tax cuts makes him look better and gives him a better chance to get reelected.

The man does have his priorities, you know.

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bruce said...

Because he wants to be the friend of the 'middle class"

Becasue he wants to demonize the rich", which coincedentally, his opponent Romney is.

Because he want to associate himself with another popular Democrat that might give him some warm fuzzies.

Because he wants to distract the voters from substance.

And he just came off a big win in the USSC upholding the medical insurance mandate tax debacle thingie.

Because he's just another poitician after all..

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