Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google is Obtuse

I've been using the Google browser, but lately it has been crashing any time the page contains any item which uses Shockwave Flash, as a very large percentage of web pages do. Some are film clips, but most are advertisements, which makes the whole issue all the more annoying.

So I go to the Google forum and I find that about ten million people are complaining of the same issue. It is explained to us that the problem is that most browsers use an add-on Adobe Flash player which is updated avery time Adobe updates its Flash program, but the Google browser has its own internal Flash player. No one at Google says why that is the case, of course, and so far nothing in the forum from the Google administrators on how to solve the problem.

Then I came across an article elsewhere that explained how to fix the problem but, wouldn't you know it, the page has Shockwave Flash on it, crashes in Google, and for some reason won't fully display in Firefox.

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