Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Competence Is Not In Abundance

Sometimes I find myself seriously unimpressed by the San Diego Police Department. About six months ago they had a major freeway closed for the entire time while they engaged in a four-hour armed standoff with what turned out to be an empty car. I certainly can understand exercising a degree of caution, but four hours? What made the whole thing utterly bizarre was that the car had been pulled over beside a concrete wall, and how the miscreant escaped unseen was never explained.
Traffic nightmare
Then last night they had another freeway closed for nine hours while they talked to this guy sitting on a freeway overpass sign, finally persuading him to climb down on his own. They are, as you can see, no more than ten feet away from him, have determined that he is not armed, and still apparently cannot figure out how to just physically remove him, so the freeway is closed at 5:00pm and remains closed until the early hours of the morning. Seriously, failing anything else, put a net underneath and just give the idiot a push. Takes twenty minutes. What is the matter with you people?

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bruce said...

Then the ACLU would be after the SDPD for 'police brutality' or 'non- peaceful means of resolution' or somesuch. Can't abuse the suspects now, can we?

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