Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puzzling Rhetoric

“President Obama has drawn a line in the sand and will not accept a deal that does not include revenue increases, so he’s willing to compromise, but the intransigent Republicans are unwilling to accept a deal that does include any revenue increases.”

Somehow “drawing a line in the sand” is either intransigent or it is a demonstration of willingness to compromise, depending on where you draw the line, what kind of sand you draw it in, what kind of stick you use to draw it… Hell, I don’t know. Somebody explain it to me, please.

Also note that the President says, “I will veto a short term extension” of the debt ceiling, or any other bill that he doesn't like, which would cause a “catastrophic default” on the US debt and doesn’t sound like a particularly flexible position to me, but Obama is still the one who is being praised as the one who is “willing to compromise.”

So Obama won't accept a short term deal, he won't acept an absence of revenue increaces, he won't accept a balanced budget, he won't accept cuts to Medicare. Republicans will accept anything except tax increases, but Obama is the one who is flexible and willing to compromise.

Meanwhile, “back at the ranch” so to speak, there’s a little thing called unemployment which no one seems to really care about.

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bruce said...

The whole debt thing is to keep peoples mind OFF unemployment. Until the debt thing is resolved,and then it will be campaign season in full roar and the unemployment will be (okay, might be) back on. Great, just *&^%$# great.

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