Friday, July 08, 2011

Is This Silly, Or What?

Yesterday the stock market rose significantly based on a rosy jobs report from the Department of Labor. New unemployment claims were down by 19,000 and ADP said that 157,000 new jobs were added. Cheering was heard on Wall Street and everyone was suddenly a little bit richer.

Today: gasp! The stock market dropped as the Department of Labor says that only 18,000 new jobs were added, and unemployment rose to 9.2%. Weeping is heard on Wall Street and suddenly everyone is poorer.

Monday a palm tree will fall over in Bali Bali, coconut prices will rise and the stock market will go crazy. Tuesday Bill Gates will trip over a crack on the side walk. He’ll claim he’s fine, but computer stocks will nosedive. The stock market has been taken over by total idiots.

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