Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hypocrisy Abounds

The Bush tax cuts trashed our federal budget, causing a huge deficit, so the tax cut for those making $200,000 per year should be eliminated. The Bush tax cuts for those making less than that should be retained, though, because... Well, because, that's why. Something to do with a "fair share," whatever the hell that means.

What it actually means is, "Let somebody else pay for it."

Republicans want to solve the debt problem by making poor people the enemy, and Democrats want to solve the debt problem by making rich people the enemy. Middle class got their taxes cut and upper class got their taxes cut, so now to solve the problem that was caused by those tax cuts the rich must give up those tax cuts but the middle class should not give up their tax cuts. Or everybody keeps their tax cuts and poor people starve to death and/or die of preventable diseases.

But this most certainly is not class warfare being waged by either side. Of course not. Perish the thought.

I think the Bush tax cuts should be revoked in their entirety. At all income levels. People should not starve or be homeless in this country.

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