Friday, July 15, 2011

Inconclusive? Really?

A woman was found dead in a Coronado mansion yesterday, and the circumstances of her death are being termed as "suspicious." Her hands and feet were bound, hands behind her back, and she was hanging by her neck from a balcony. Law enforcement says that it is unable to rule out suicide as the cause of death.

Now that is a really neat trick. I want to see a movie of that. A woman tying her own hands behind her back and jumping off over a balcony railing with her feet tied and a rope around her neck.

I wonder if the indecision has to do with the fact that the person she was living with, owner of the mansion, is a multi-millionaire.

Update: Well, this masterpiece of indecision puts the Coronado Police Department on a par with the United States Department of State and its recognition of the Libyan rebels.

But the American diplomat I spoke to noted that political recognition is not the same as legal recognition; the TNC may not qualify as a recognizable government according to State Department criteria. What’s more, even legal recognition might not, by itself, permit the assets to be unfrozen. “We’re really grappling with it right now,” he says.

Awesome. We are recognizing the rebels but not really recognizing them, and even if we are recognizing them without really doing so, we may not be able to give them their own money.

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