Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, this is tempting

Genetic research has discovered that all non-African humans are part Neanderthal. Apparently homo sapiens cross bred with Neanderthals as they left Africa, so the only "pure humans" are people from Africa. I am so tempted to just jump all over the racists with this, the ones who claim that white people are... No, I'll leave it alone.

No, I won't. Us half breeds have been turning up our Neanderthal noses at the only pure humans on the planet? Really? Black is the original human skin color? That is too cool.

Update: Yes, I know I am overstating and oversimplifying this, but it was too much fun to pass up.

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bruce said...

There are sooooo many ways to go with this, both good and bad. No way am I touching it.

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