Thursday, July 14, 2011

Democratic Victory Dance

Democrats have been running victory laps on debt reduction and the debt increase the past couple days, so much so that a couple of liberal outlets are prognosticating that Democrats will retake the House next year. One thing that life has taught me is that one should never start doing the victory dance until they actually hand you the trophy. If nothing else, premature celebrations are unseemly.

They can, of course, be embarrassing. Ask the San Diego Chargers, who for some six consecutive seasons have been measuring the lobby of their head office for a Super Bowl trophy in September.

I was actually embarrassed for Lawrence O’Donnell last night as he waxed rapturous about Obama’s mastery of the situation, his “steely glare” as he faced down the “childish and inept” Republicans” and “utterly shattered” them. He repeatedly compared Obama’s treatment of this financial crisis to his dealing with Somali pirates by “shooting them in the head.” I thought Chris Matthews’ “thrill down my leg” while watching George Bush and the “Mission Accomplished” thing was bad, but this was just painful. O’Donnell is just not in control of himself. He was so excited that several times he couldn't even read the teleprompter – he may have been having an orgasm.

O’Donnell went so far as to validate the McConnell plan. Does he seriously consider that a Presidential veto of a Congressional negative is a valid manner of making law in this country?

On a slightly more sane note, I really dislike this “pay their fair share” rhetoric, otherwise known as “tax the rich.” I certainly would like to see our tax code be more progressive than it is, and I would welcome a couple of new, higher, brackets at the upper end, but by phrasing it the way we are doing we continue the mantra of “let someone else pay for it” that has been the ruling theme for too long in this nation.

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