Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Racers

NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace, who seems to be remarkably unbashful, recently tweeted, “My wife is having hot flashes. Does anyone know what that means?” DeLana Harvick, wife of race driver Kevin Harvick, replied, “That means you need to be super duper nice to her.”

Um, actually it means that, and that you need to tiptoe through the room that she is in, play only that music that she likes, wear headphones when watching television unless she’s watching it with you, hide all of your weapons and anything that can be used as a weapon, fresh flowers daily… You get my point.


bruce said...

Hahahaha... your blog is not just political commentary. You write about what interests you, just life itself. Good one.

PS don't tell my wife this...

califdon said...

Actually, that IS political--I think most of our politicians are having hot flashes most of the time--and I don't mean just the women!

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