Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does He Really Not Care?

On Monday Obama was challenged in an interview with a poll which showed that a significant majority of the American people do not want the debt ceiling to be raised. His response, something about people not watching the actions of the elite because they had housekeeping chores and bills to pay and that they elected the elite to deal with this stuff, was a long winded method of saying that he didn't care about the damned poll. It was also a little bit insulting to the American voters, but...

Yesterday, in another interview, he said that Social Security checks might not go out in August 3rd if the debt ceiling is not raised before that date, which suggests to me that he does care about that poll after all.


bruce said...

" A little bit insulting" ? that's one reason that the voters dislike politicians, because of the elitist and arrogant attitude.

And my first thought about his statement about SS checks not going out was that statement was just political theatre. But it also made me wonder if it was true?

And on a related post, yeah Se. McConnell is an idiot. And Harry Reid not far behind. And others, of course, but since they are the leaders, they get bragging right on idiocy.

Jayhawk said...

Even if it is true, that does not rule out it being political theater. Politicians can grandstand with truth as well as fiction, and it is still grandstanding, spoken for the putpose of advancing their own personal agenda.

bartendercabbie said...

I think he (Obama) may be onto something. A good many people have no clue what goes on around them. They pay no attention. That is one reason I think that this country is in the pickle it is in.

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