Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Undead" President

The latest canard regarding Obama is that he didn’t actually qualify for admission to Columbia or Harvard Law School, so now he is a Kenyan Muslim Un-American Socialist who faked his way through law school and is illegitimately occupying the White House with a bogus law degree.

Since a law degree, or any level of education at all for that matter, is not a requirement for the office he holds, I am unclear as to why this issue is being raised, but Obama's opponents don't ever let logic stand in their way.

Actually, I’d say if you can successfully con Harvard Law School into giving you an undeserved degree and manage to bluff your way through a term as editor of Law Review without being qualified for it, then you’ll probably excel as President, but then I have a rather unusual idea of what particular skills are required for success in today’s political arena.

Pat Robertson was shrieking on Hardball yesterday that he probably was admitted through affirmative action, but why he would raise such an accusation is beyond me. Well, not really, because it’s Pat Robertson and he never makes any sense, but…

That argument can’t be a winner whether proven or not. If disproved, then there is simply no issue. If proven, then we have made a powerful argument for the value of affirmative action. I mean, look at the facts here. A guy gets into school as a result of affirmative action and goes on to become President of the United States. That would seem to suggest we need more of that program, not less.

And as for this idea that a “Certificate of Live Birth,” which even the long form released today reads, is somehow not a valid document because it is not a “Birth Certificate,” completely escapes me. Did they want something that certified that he was born dead? So in addition to being Kenyan and born with the “seed of Islam,” etc, he is now also “undead” to boot?

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bruce said...

Zombies for Congress! A new campaign slogan for 2012. Can't be worse than what we have now....

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