Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea Party Nonsense

The "Tea Party" uses the incident in Boston as its signature because the good citizens of Boston were rebelling against taxation by the British, and the modern Tea Partiers are opposed to taxes because it is a process of the government stealing money from the people. [sic] Um, yeah, sick.

As usual, the "Tea Party" idiots have it all wrong. The incident in Boston was not against taxes per se, it was a protest against being taxed when they were not represented in the government which was imposing the tax. Their slogan was, in fact, "No taxation without representation." This being a "representive republic" form of democratic government, the people being taxed are fully represented in the government imposing the taxes, so the "Tea Party" people are full of shit.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, "TEA" is an acronym that translates into Taxed - Enough - Already.

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