Monday, April 25, 2011

Dumb and Dumber

Just as an experiment, I asked the same question of the woman who was campaigning to "Save the Library" outside the grocery store today that I asked the one last week. This one apparently was okay with a new city hall, and replied, "Well I'd start by cancelling that $800 million stadium for the Chargers." Awesome.

That stadium is presently nothing more than a proverbial "gleam in the eye" of the Chargers' owners and is not yet even in the planning stages, and she wants to "cancel" it to free up funds to operate libraries next fiscal year.

To make her plan even more nonsensical, if the stadium ever was to come to fruition, which is seriously unlikely, it would be built with "redevelopment funds." These are special tax receipts which can only be used for new development, and in any case cannot be spent outside of the zone in which they are generated which, as it happens, contains no libraries.

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