Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stormy Weather

April is a little early for this, not to mention the severity of it. And then there is this little tidbit, "AccuWeather officials said the extreme weather is the result of particularly warm water in the Gulf of Mexico..."

You know what that means come hurricane season, don't you?

Update, Monday morning: Of course we have some people claiming that these storms prove that the global warming theory is hereby proven, especially coming on the heels of historic flooding in Tennessee just last year. "The steadily warming world invokes another 500 year or 1000 year event year after year." I'm not sure that either of these things is even a 100-year event, let alone a multi-century one.

These are undoubtedly the same writers who, just last February, were indignantly refuting claims that a historic snowstorm proved that global warming was a hoax, writing in high dudgeon that "a snowstorm is weather you fools, not climate" and that "you cannot draw conclusions about the global condition from a single weather event."

I do, in fact, believe that our planet is overheating dangerously, but I get that belief from scientists and not from blog writers or retired politicians.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

yep. not something I look forward to. Ike was more than enough fun for me for a while yet.

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