Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guard Cat?

On GuardThis girl thinks she is a guard cat guarding our front yard. Actually, if she went out there, anything bigger than a squirrel would have her for lunch, and in any case what she’s mostly doing is finding a sunny spot. Whenever there’s a cold snap in San Diego, you can bet it’s because this silly cat has soaked up all of the solar warmth in Southern California.

This spot would be fine with me, except that she is a frequent, enthusiastic, and highly energetic bather. I would love to have her sit there if all she did was guard the front yard, but all of the gyrating and slurping is a distraction when I'm trying to write.

In the evening when we’re watching television her favorite spot is my lap, but we have a rule against cat baths in my lap. Mostly she follows the rule, but once in a while she starts up, at which point I poke her fairly sharply with my finger. She stops and glares at me, and usually that does it, but once in a while we get into a contest with me poking and the cat glaring, which always cracks my wife up.

What really gets her is when Molly and I get into a prolonged stare down, with me showing the cat my index finger and the cat glaring at me. I always win because I’m a lot bigger than her, and her teeth and claws are not enough to outweigh my size advantage.


bruce said...

Good story... but do the teeth & claws leave bruises and contusions? And does Kathy allow cat bathing in her lap?

Jayhawk said...

Molly doesn't even try teeth and claws. She is a very peaceful creature. Squirms vigorously at times, and is quite strong, but I'm not entirely sure she knows that her teeth and claws are useable as weapons.

Yes, Kathy allows cat bathing in her lap.

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