Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here We Go Again

Andrew Ross Sorkin was on The Last Word last night discussing the "Financial Armageddon Scenario" of Congress not raising the debt ceiling, and is trying to convince us that they might go all the way and actually not do it. He is of the opinion that this time they might not be bluffing, that this time they are serious, and that the might be willing to throw caution to the winds, throw the economy to the wolves, and make their point (whatever the hell that point is) by not raising the debt ceiling.

Oh please. That was all the talk about when they were going to do with respect to shutting down the government, and they didn't do it. For a full month we heard how the "Tea Party Republicans" were utterly reckless, how they had no respect for financial institutions or government, how they wanted to shut down government just out of sheer meanness, and in the end... What happened? Right, they made a deal.

So. Here we go again; Tea Party and Financial Armageddon. Stay Tuned.

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bruce said...

I usually tune out...

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