Tuesday, April 05, 2011

And Welcome Back Chris

Chris Matthews is back, which is good news because Chuck Todd, who replaced him last week, is just excruciatingly boring. Matthews is usually an idiot, but at least he's entertaining.

He was declaiming on the Afghan reaction to the Koran-burning moron in Florida and mentioned the Taliban blowing up the giant Buddha carvings, which was sort of interesting. To his credit, he did not make a big deal out of it, nor did he claim equivalence to the tune of "you can't burn our book but we can blow up your Buddha." It's just an interesting sidelight without really proving much of anything, other than that religious fanatics don't tend to be particularly logical.

He then went into some bizarre discussion about how Republicans are going to lose the 2012 election because they chose Tampa as their convention site and Florida is really hot in August. That is apparently going to cause the Tea Party people to run amok and spout off with crazy rants, as if they aren't doing that now and weren't doing it in the freezing weather last winter. Good to have him back.

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