Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paul Ryan: Con Artist

The more I see of Paul Ryan the less impressed I am with this idiot. Perhaps I should say the less favorably impressed I am, because he is beginning to impress me strongly as a poisonous snake oil salesman. The adjective is intended to refer both to the product and the person selling it. He is slick, oily, sleazy and I not only would not buy a used car from him, I would probably try to run him over with the trade-in. I would give a year’s pay to be able to wipe that arrogant, self-satisfied smirk off of his face.

This thing he is selling is “courageous” is it? No, it is not. It is the seeded wallet in the street, put there by the con artist for you to add your money into and hold for him while he goes to get an envelope to put it in. After he’s gone you find it stuffed with newspaper, seed money and yours gone.

The con artist like Paul Ryan is not courageous, he is merely amoral and without the slightest trace of conscience or compassion. He is a thief dressed up in fancy words, taking by deception and dance step rather than by force or in the dark of night. But thief he is, and nothing more.

Paul Ryan has conned the punditry and his peers into the belief that he is intelligent, but he is merely glib and facile. His presentations are a mile wide and an inch deep, and his answers to questions flow like water from a fire hydrant and have just about as much meaning.

In the 1800’s Paul Ryan would be driving a carnival wagon, selling health tonics and running con games until some angry mob caught up with him and lynched him. We don’t do that to con men today, we elect them to higher office.

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