Thursday, October 30, 2008

Embarrassing America

In a stump speech yesterday, characterizing Obama’s “tax and spend” policy as dangerous for national security and trying to frighten people into not voting for Obama, McCain went on to say this,
"At least in the past when European nations took the path of raising taxes and cutting defense, they knew that their security would still be guaranteed by America."

Does this arrogant, doddering, senile old jackass even give a moment’s thought to how the things he says sound to Europeans who hear them?

We’ve had almost eight years of this kind of sneering at our neighbor nations from the leadership of this nation, embarrassing us in the eyes of the world. Do we really want four more?

Update: Thursday morning
I grew up in a Deep South culture; one grandmother was raised on a plantation in Milliken's Bend, LA, the other in Arkansas. I am (what's the word?, not amused) amazed by where all of the talk about the effect of racism in this election is coming from. In all of the discussion of that topic, what state names are mentioned? No, not Alabama, or Georgia, but Ohio and Pennsylvania.

What was the Civil War all about?

Update 2: Thursday morning
McCain is warning us about all those "suspicious credit card donations" that have been made to the Obama campaign, warning us that we "don't really know who all of those people are."

Hey, pea brain, three of those were me. Want to make something of it?

Update 3: Thursday morning
I just read the fourth blog pundit who said words to the effect that after watching Obama's infomercial last night he's going to quit giving unneeded advice to the Obama campaign.

Ha. I made that decision weeks ago.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Ummm, I belive the Civil War was about States Rights....

    McCain may not know who the contributers to Obamas campaign were, but I am quite certain Obama's folks do, They have the credit card record after all. (I am also guessing Obama doesn't know who all has given money to McCain, but I am also guessing he isn't too worried about it.)

  2. Ummm, I belive the Civil War was about States Rights....
    The question was rhetorical.

  3. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hi Bill,

    One of them was me, too, right after I read about McNasty's donation scandal comment online.

  4. Anonymous11:39 PM

    The civil war had nothing to do with racism, although there was a lot of it bubbling amidst the happenings. It was about states rights, and are Southerners rhetorical?

    Credit card donations? I though you didn't like consumer credit? Oh, so sorry, abuse of consumer credit, my bad...

    McWhine is just jealous. Yeah maybe we (the public) don't know the gritty details, but do we need to? I have too much to think about than parse through that long of a list, thank you. Or no thank you.