Friday, October 24, 2008

Health Care Agenda

The cause for universal health insurance may be moving forward better than imagined. While that would not be the same as my preference for universal health care, it would still be a welcome change.

If Obama is elected he would need to create a plan and present it to Congress, right? Well, maybe not. It seems Ted Kennedy has not been idle in his "sickbed" these days. Not surprising, as the idea of that man idle rather boggles the mind. Turns out he is working on a plan for universal health care (insurance) which he intends to have ready to submit at the opening of the next Congress and which he intends to be his "legacy." You can read the details in the Washington Times, and it sounds both feasible and exciting. If anyone can lead the passage of this kind of bill, it would be the Lion of the Senate.

What a fitting Kennedy legacy it would be.

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