Monday, October 06, 2008

Specificity Advised

The Chargers have been stinking up the first half for the first four games, and playing like champions for the second half to pull out the win for two games out of the four. Fans are not happy, nor are the sportswriters, with both groups clamoring for better consistency.

Seems we should have been more specific. The Chargers went out and stunk up the entire game against the Dolphins yesterday, and lost, which is indeed more consistent but was not quite what we had in mind.

Rivers was the hottest quarterback in the league after three weeks, with the league's highest rating. Week four he had a 58 rating, with anything under 80 being basically awful. This week I don't have a rating, but he completed a mere 46% of his passes, and none of those misses were drops.

In the first four games the Chargers averaged 38 points scored. Yesterday they scored 10. Against the Dolphins.

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