Saturday, October 18, 2008

Supremes and the GOP

Rachel Maddow was cheered by the Supreme Court decision regarding voter registration in Ohio this past week. On her show last night she said,
"The Supreme Court agreed with the Secretary of State of Ohio that systems to safeguard the vote from fraud already exist and that checking voter registrations against databases never intended for that purpose would have the effect of flagging and making problems for voters who really shouldn't have any problems voting."

Actually, she might have needed to do a little better research. The Court made no such decision or agreement. What they ruled was that the GOP had no standing to file the suit causing the issue to be raised, and they tossed out the adverse ruling. The result is that the issue which Ms. Maddow cited is actually still legally undecided, but there is good news.

What the Supreme Court's ruling did say is that the manner in which states conduct their voter registration is not the business of the Republican Party, and that the GOP may not use the courts to interfere in that process. If you think about it, that's an even more broad victory for democracy. Rather than a ruling on one narrow issue, the Supreme Court told the GOP in a much more broad sense,
"Keep your filthy paws off of our democracy."

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    "..filthy paws.." ?

    No need to be divisive, sir. But I agree with your sentiment, if not the adjective.

    And the general sense of the ruling was "don't mess with the process", which is great. Similiar rulings were done in the Dem primary. And, please remember in fairness, this is politically neutral, in the sense that it would apply to the Dems as well as the Rubs.

    The situation was blown all out of proportion and makes the GOP look desperate (which they may be). Someone with a cooler head needs to sit them down and say " yeah, we're not doing well, but doing this makes us look worse, and will not help, only hurt.. us ".