Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Powell Endorsement

This is good for Obama, and Powell's endorsement was handsomely delivered and very generous. Anything that enhances Barack Obama's chances for election is very welcome.

That being said, Powell lost most of the respect I had for him when he delivered what he knew to be bullshit in front of the United Nations because his political superior told him to, demonstrating slavish loyalty to his political leaders and none to his nation. His "character witness" testimony for Ted Stevens in a corruption trial finished the job.

Now he waits to endorse Obama until many other prominent Republicans have already done so and he can do it without sticking his neck out into hostile territory. Endorsing Obama a couple of months ago would have taken courage. Doing so now is pretty much a just case of following the lead of those with more courage and better judgement than he has.

His endorsement may mean much to some, it doesn't impress me.

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