Sunday, October 26, 2008

Defensive Debacle

Jeez. The only thing worse than being humiliated by the opponent’s passing offense is being humiliated by the opponent’s passing offense on a nationally televised game after spending all week mouthing off to the press about knowing just how you are going to stop the opponent’s passing offense.

The Charger’s offense stepped up and almost saved the day, but the defense did what it does week after week; talk tough and play candyass. Somebody ought to put a muzzle on these idiots. Don’t blather about what you are going to do, you morons, just get out there and do it.

I don’t have the final numbers yet, but the Saints had racked up 400 yards of offense against our ladies by the end of the third quarter. Usually 250 yards for an entire game would be considered a successful offensive accomplishment. Jeez.

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