Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Delusions of Sanity

Back in summer (h/t toThink Progress, it was in June), McCain gave me a “rolling on the floor” moment when he and Obama were asked, “What do you believe is the gravest long-term threat to the U.S. economy?”

I don’t recall Obama’s answer. It was reasonable, as I recall and not particularly windy. Following his response, the moderator asked the same question, in exactly the same words, of John McCain. After an embarrassingly long pause, he responded “radical Islamic extremism.” He went on with a militaristic explanation as to why he thought that was the case, but it struck me more as an in-depth description of precisely how deranged he was.

Or, perhaps, how desperate to avoid talking about the economy.

Then we had Carly Fiorina. (Yes, I’m going to connect this in a minute.) We know her very well here in California, and she may be the least popular person in the state. She turned the world’s most successful printer company into the world’s least successful computer company, costing 20,000 Californians their jobs, no few of them right here in San Diego.

In order to rescue herself from having said that Sarah Palin could not run a big company, she said that John McCain couldn’t either, which was less than brilliant on her part, but was actually typical of her management skill. So she joined a host of others in the McCain campaign memory hole.

That brings us to “senior McCain adviser” Nancy Pfotenhauer who was brought on to explain Fiorina’s disappearance and spent several appearances on news shows providing me with moments of hilarity trying to explain what Fiorina had really meant and why she had disappeared.

After a brief reminder of the McCain campaign staffer who announced to the media that the campaign was getting off of the economy to throw garbage at Obama because “if we keep talking about the economy we will lose,” back to the lady with the unpronounceable last name again.

Nancy Pfotenhauer is explaining to us that McCain has always loved talking about the economy and has, in fact, “made the economy, and his economic policies, just really, the fulcrum of his whole campaign.”

You can read the whole thing at Think Progress. It’s hilarious.

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