Saturday, November 01, 2008

Football Blogging

The Chargers are off tomorrow so their record will not deteriorate for at least another week, as even the Chargers can't screw up a bye week. They are happy about the week of rest, they say. Tomlinson and Gates had their best performances of the season against New Orleans and this week off will allow them to get their injured toes (I'm not kidding) fully up to speed.

All of which is fine, but it isn't going to help much if the defense continues swanning around on the field like a bunch of debutantes at the LaJolla cotillion. It's okay to get those stylish uniforms dirty, ladies; the team will launder them for you every week.

Oh well, Georgia goes against Florida today, and I lived in Atlanta too long not to get excited about that.

Update: Sunday, 7:00am
Sigh, 49-10 and the game wasn't really that close. Payback is a bitch. Maybe the 'Dogs shouldn't have celebrated like that last year.

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