Saturday, November 22, 2008

East County Posse

imageA group in San Diego’s East County get together to have fun. Their definition of fun is helping people in need, and they do it in person. They waltzed into a disabled person’s home one weekend recently, for instance, and rebuilt the place to provide wheelchair access. They brought the materials with them, too.

Some 300 of them got together another time and, in 12 hours flat, built an entire daycare facility using $250,000 of donated materials. That’s some way to have fun, huh?

To these people charity isn’t just tossing a dollar in the kettle. To them, helping means giving of their time and energy and donating their sweat to help their neighbors. They don’t just do it once, they formed a club to make a regular thing of it.

Tell me again about California being “the land of fruits and nuts.”

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  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I just saw your story on the news and had to writer a note... I have hoped to create a organization like that but I havent the resources I on the other hand have a lot to offer. The experience in builsing trades is vast and the understanding of special needs people is close to me. I lost a Son to cycstic Fibrosis 2005 I have had hope to express my gratitude to others in the same way or greater than it was expressed to our family.. I have found that a lot oof people who need this type of service are already overwhelmed and in a daze at time about the conditionds they are suddenly thrust into. The people who help give them so much more to hold on to, for me it restored my belief in people and that is partly why I want to be of service.I am outgoing and un afraid of hard work oe finding ways of helping with resources. I have none of my own but, sut that will not stop me from helping others. I am willing to help if you can use me.

    roy stanzione
    La mesa ca,