Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wasting No Time

From Crooks And Liars, at 10:03am today: John Kyl (R, AZ) vows to filibuster Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, even though Obama has not taken office yet, hasn’t offered any names yet, and none of the current judges has retired yet. He doesn't know who he's going to filibuster against, or when he's going to do it.

No target in sight but by damn he has his gun loaded and cocked.

I used to live in Arizona, and I can tell you that John McCain is actually one of the most sane and reasonable persons in the entire state. It is a very strange place. To give you an idea, Tucson decided to add one lane to their freeway, so they closed all entrances and exits to their freeway through all of the downtown area for a three year period. To add a single lane each direction. You can go through Tucson on the freeway, but you cannot go to Tucson on the freeway until the year 2011. (Tucson only has one freeway.)

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