Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Protesting Prop 8

Marchers are protesting the passage of Proposition 8 here in California, and I have to admit I find the current protest a little bit puzzling. I don’t like the outcome of that measure; I voted against it and I wish a majority had done likewise, and as such I am sympathetic to the protesters. I don’t argue for a moment their right to make this protest, but I wonder at the timing of it and I question just a bit whether or not it is entirely appropriate.

To the latter point first, Prop 8 is not a law passed by the legislature but a measure passed by a fairly significant majority of voters. The former might well be a valid cause for protest, but the latter? We have democracy in this nation, which implies that those who hold the minority position accept the decision of those in the majority. What would be the result if McCain supporters started holding protest marches at this point? There was a vote, and the majority spoke. Case closed.

Some of the protests are directed specifically at the Mormon temple locally, protesting the financial support that that religious body provided in favor of the measure. That protest makes sense to me. “We don’t like what you did, and we disagree with what you stand for.” But to march simply in protest of a majority vote of your fellow citizens?

As to the timing, the marches might better have been held before voting day. There were a few people at polling places on election day encouraging a “no” vote, but campaign activity against this measure was terribly scant prior to the election, outweighed in a very major way by those who favored its passage. These people are marching in the streets now, but why were they not in front of grocery stores handing out leaflets before the election? Their opponents sure as hell were. People for the measure were campaigning vigorously for its passage, those against it seemingly waited until it passed to become active, to march in protest against what had already happened.

Sort of like shaking your fist at the sky and cursing the rain, rather than building a roof.

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