Thursday, November 20, 2008

Endless Drama

Will we ever be free of this endless Clinton drama?

I’m not against Obama reaching across the aisle in picking his cabinet. I’m not against him picking “insiders” in order to get the best, most experienced people to serve in our government. I’m just opposed to this particular choice because of the drama it creates; the drama that she and her husband always create. No, it isn’t just the media creating all of the drama, the Clintons thrive on this, and they feed it.

Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination and who was in the news endlessly? What did Hillary want? Was Hillary going to be picked as VP nominee? Now Obama has been elected President and what is all the news blather? Will Hillary be Secretary of State? What will Bill do? It is rude and unseemly, now that the suggestion has surfaced, for Hillary Clinton to allow the speculation to continue for so long without resolution, like some coy debutante being courted for a prom date. Negotiations, for God's sake, are ongoing between the camps.

I have heard at least five pundits opine that there has been essentially no difference between Obama and Clinton on foreign affairs. Am I the only one who recalls in the debates Clinton's statements about the naivete of meeting with leaders of hostile nations without preconditions? Does no recall how she said that doing so put the office of the presidency at risk and that suggesting it showed how unready Obama was to serve in that office?

That seems like more than a minor difference to me.

Given that Obama has promised to meet with the leadership of Iran, why does he want as his Secretary of State someone who has talked openly of “obliterating” that nation?

I trust Obama’s judgement and am looking forward to having him as President. But, I am sick to death of the drama and infighting of the Clinton crowd, and I dread the thought of having her and her clown of a husband center stage for the next four years.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I'm sorry but we will never be free of either the Clintons' and of the Fourth Estate. Ok, eventually the Clintons will pass on, but not for me to say when or how.

    But I agree, the Clintons need to put a cork in it. And the press boobs need to as well. Never mind a cork, try Jabba the Hutt.

    Whetever blabber was made on the campaign trail, even if you can set that aside (maybe they can at least on the public face), what makes her qualified to be Sec State? And I STILL don't want Bubba anywhere around Washington or the Obama administration.