Tuesday, May 01, 2012

US and "The Rule Of Law"

One Jose Rodriguez was featured in “60 Minutes” the other night on Pravda CBS News, providing him with half an hour or so to brag about how he committed heinous crimes and violated a great many American and international laws. His book, notably, is being published by a sister company of Pravda CBS News.

This program illustrates a very good reason to vote Republican, as somewhere, somehow, we simply have to punish the Peoples Democratic Party for destroying the last remnant of the rule of law in this nation. I’m not going to lay this on Obama, because it started with Nancy Pelosi and her “impeachment is off the table” in the election of 2008. Obama finished it off with his “looking forward not back” thing, but he was merely following the pattern set by his party.

The Republicans at least had the decency to act under the table; to exercise their imperialism in secrecy and by means of euphemism. They pretended that they were acting within the bounds of civilization and law, even if they were being imperial overlords behind the curtain.

Then in 2008 Nancy Pelosi, who would become Speaker of the Politburo House by some sort of divine right if the Peoples Democratic Party won a majority, even though the members who would elect her to such a position had not yet won office in their districts, announced that it did not matter what crimes George Bush had committed or might commit, that she would not, if named to head the Politburo House, move to ask for articles of impeachment against him.

Then Obama and his Council of Ministers Cabinet have pursued such a rigorous policy of “looking forward not back” and preventing anyone else from looking back and blowing the whistle on any past or present criminal activity, that not only can crimes by high officials be committed, but the criminals can go on television and brag about them. We just really should not reward that policy by reelecting its perpetrators.

But we will, of course, because Bin Laden is dead. Yea.

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Arthur said...

Success still matters. Sadly, morality doesn't matter much any more, and hasn't for at least 10 years. Which, even sadder, isn't at all surprising, given that it has been mattering less and less for over 30.

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